Crowns and Bridges in Oatley, NSW

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are also known as caps and are used to restore your oral health by covering badly damaged teeth. Modern dental crowns in Oatley are made of tooth-coloured porcelain material that resembles your natural tooth enamel. They can, therefore, be used to improve not just the strength but also the appearance of your teeth. Crowns differ from fillings in the support they provide. Since they cover the entire tooth, they protect a damaged tooth from the force of chewing.

Dental Crown Procedures

Traditional dental crowns require an impression, which is then sent to a dental lab for fabrication and placed at a later appointment. At CFS Dental, your Oatley dentist uses one-visit CEREC technology for many of our crown procedures. 

What Is CEREC?

CEREC is the trademarked CAD/CAM technology of single­-visit, chair-side ceramic restorations, as invented by the German dental company SIRONA Inc. in the mid-1980s.

This procedure involves using an intraoral scanner to capture a digital image of the tooth that requires restoring. The computer then converts it into a virtual reality model on the monitor. The ceramic restoration is then designed using the unique CEREC computer-aided design (CAD) and milled by an on­-site milling machine using computer-aided milling­ (CAM). The milled ceramic restoration is then bonded directly onto the tooth with composite resin cement.

As ceramic is both aesthetic and strong, it can be used for inlays, onlays, fillings of all sizes, veneers, as well as full-coverage crowns. Because ceramic is dimensionally stable under all situations in the mouth, it can be used to strengthen any weakened tooth structure it’s bonded to.

In its expanded role, the CEREC’s unique 3-D software can now be superimposed with the 3-D CBCT x­-ray data to facilitate comprehensive implant treatment planning and rehabilitation of the entire mouth for full mouth restorative dentistry.

Our patients appreciate the convenience of completing their dentistry in a single visit with this innovative technology.

Fix Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge refers to the replacement of a missing tooth with a prosthetic crown, which is connected to and supported by two crowns covering both teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

A dental bridge can also be used to replace multiple missing teeth, as long as the supporting teeth are evenly distributed and have a combined strength stronger than that of the missing tooth during function. Dental bridges gain additional stabilisation with implants to support them, making it possible to replace multiple missing teeth reliably.



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