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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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Emergency Dental Appointments in Oatley

At CFS Dental, we do not believe you should suffer dental pain any longer than necessary. Dedicated time slots are allocated throughout the week to cater to your emergency pain relief. Please give us a call on (02) 9570 6999 any time you encounter sudden, unexpected dental pain.

Whenever possible, we will diagnose your problem and provide treatment to get rid of your pain. For more complex issues, a further appointment may be necessary to provide a long-term solution.

You do not have to be our patient to seek our emergency services; however, if you do have a regular dentist who cannot see you straight away, we are happy to help you out of your pain and report to your own dentist to follow up.

Friendly and Professional Service

We pride ourselves on becoming your friends and make sure you feel the same from the moment of first contact.

We fully understand that your emotional journey is as important as the dental treatment you need. We unreservedly support the decision you make in your choice of treatment and will always be there to support you with total empathy.

Led by our long-serving Teresa, the non-clinician team at CFS Dental has a combined 45+ years of dental experience and knowledge. We regularly attend management seminars to keep updated on new systems and communication techniques to provide the best service we can for you.

We wholeheartedly seek your comments and suggestions, so we can constantly improve ourselves in our service. We also ask for your recommendation to your family and friends so that we can grow from strength to strength by word of mouth.

Disabled Access

We are committed to looking after everyone irrespective of your physical wellness. Our premises are fully compliant with disabled access; we want to make your visit as hassle-free as possible.

If necessary, we can arrange specialised transportation on request.

PENTHROX: Sedative Inhalent

Latest medical evidence has concluded that the use of PENTHROX to achieve sedation is safer than the use of nitrous oxide. It is fast on-set and has no risk of addiction. It does not leak into the surrounding premises like nitrous oxide, i.e. only the patient benefits from its use exclusively. The short-acting mode means you recover faster and can go home sooner after your procedure is completed.

Information Nights

From time to time. We conduct complimentary info-nights for the general public and our patients. Our IT-equipped conference room is ideal for such events. It is informal, and we will discuss any dental topics you care to ask about.

It is a perfect opportunity to unwind over some cheese, crackers and bubblies while having a yarn about anything dental. Call us on 9570 6999 if you have a group of friends who may benefit from these info-nights.

Totally Australian

We are staunch advocates of using only local Australian laboratories. We have the world’s best standard of dental laboratories; there is simply no reason to outsource from overseas as a cost-cutting exercise. We have collaborated with Mr Chris Xeras, Master Ceramist of Smilecraft Dental Laboratories for more than 20 years to provide a personalised dental service of the highest standard.

Just one admission: the only item we outsource from overseas is the provision of Zirconia copings and titanium framework for crowns and bridges and implants. We have been using this pioneering Swedish company Noble Biocare for more than 20 years. Dr Boulos and Dr Ng continue to use this company today as they believe they are still the best.