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Welcome to CFS Dental, a family-run dental clinic in Oatley, with services for you and your family.

Welcome to CFS Dental, the general and family dental practice of Dr Andrew Ng and Dr Marian Boulos. We are so glad you found us and honoured that you are considering us to care for your family’s oral health.

Our whole dental team is focused on providing excellent service with a smile. In fact, this approach inspired the name of our practice – CFS – Caring for the Future of your Smile.

Our Patient-Centred Philosophy 

Our dental practice in Oatley is warm, welcoming and full of smiles – from patients and our team. We enjoy working together, support and trust each other. We are truly a family-focused practice.

“This nurtured and close relationship with our patients is one of the most endearing parts of my job.”
- Teresa, our clinic manager of more than 28 years

We encourage patient feedback, whether it is good, or not so good! We want to know if you didn’t like something, even if it was something minor. We will then focus on improving any flaws in our service.

We Are Experienced and Caring Practitioners

We have more than 38 years of history in providing quality and caring dentistry in Oatley. This means our patients have become extended members of the CFS Dental family. We support one another through the high and low times of our personal lives and share tears and laughter on a daily basis. Very often, we greet each other with warm hugs and kisses. Many patients commented that it is like coming home when they attend to their appointments.

We also understand that good clinical knowledge and skills, though very important, are only part of our holistic approach to providing complete services to our patients. Your emotional wellness and financial circumstances are always foremost in our minds. When we discuss your treatment plan with you, we will be honest, caring, thorough and professional in our explanation and will support whatever decision you make with our sincere empathy.

Quality You Can Count On

We understand that choosing quality dental care requires an investment and our dedication to quality never wavers. We provide the finest dentistry that we want for our cherished friends and family and want you to feel confident in the care you receive with us.

We will always discuss all of your options and help you make a choice that works best for you. After all, it is your smile, and we respect your decisions. We are happy to explain what is necessary for you to achieve your goals for your smile and to support you every step of the way.

Our dental clinic is privately owned and located in Oatley, NSW. We welcome patients of all ages and look forward to inviting your family to become part of our family here at CFS Dental.