Orthodontics and Invisalign in Oatley, NSW

Conventionally, orthodontic dentistry in Oatley involves moving teeth in the jawbone to the correct position, thus improving the bite both functionally and cosmetically. This is achieved by bonding braces, which are made of either metal or ceramic, onto the tooth surfaces and using small springs and pre­-tensioned ligature wire that is secured to the braces to slowly align or straighten your teeth until the upper and lower teeth fit together harmoniously.

Orthodontic treatment is commonly used in adolescents to straighten teeth, correct a bad bite and promote ideal function. But it is not the exclusive domain for adolescents only. Nowadays, many adults undergo orthodontic treatment to achieve a more comprehensive cosmetic smile makeover.

Orthodontic Options

Under the pretext of cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatment can close an un­natural looking gap, eliminate crowding, straighten teeth and get rid of a crooked smile. When used in conjunction with crowns, bridges, and veneers in severely compromised cases, it can minimise the excessive cutting down of your natural teeth to achieve a perfect outcome.

What are Fast Braces? Are they suitable for me?

Fast braces, sometimes known as 'Six-Month Braces', are tailored for people who only wish to improve their front teeth for a perfect smile.

Mechanically, fast braces move teeth the same way as regular braces do. Since fewer teeth are being moved, the whole procedure is understandably faster.

If your main focus is to improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile quickly, and you understand that there may be compromises regarding your bite, fast braces may be just what you are looking for.

Invisalign Clear Braces in Oatley

Invisalign is a modern alternative orthodontic treatment, where a series of invisible plastic trays, called aligners, are used to move your teeth gradually to achieve a functional bite and harmonious smile.

The invisible plastic aligners are fabricated using CAD/CAM technology, based on data collected from your x-­rays, photos, models and clinical analysis. Depending on the individual cases, some minor reshaping and bonding on some teeth, with specifically shaped resin buttons that will be removed upon completion, may be required to move your teeth efficiently for an optimum outcome.

You are required to wear each set of upper and lower aligners for a minimum of 22 hours daily for two weeks before graduating to the next set. It's less intensive than traditional braces as these aligners move your teeth gently and slowly.

Invisalign helps with a wide variety of dental defects like gaps, overbite, open bite and crooked teeth. All of these problems are much more than a cosmetic issue. A well-aligned smile means strong, healthy teeth with fewer ongoing problems in the future.

What does treatment involve?

It begins with a consultation with Dr Boulos or Dr Ng, your dentists in Oatley, to determine if Invisalign is a suitable option for you.

Once that is decided, we will take x-­rays, photos and impressions of your teeth to assess your individual needs. The collected data is then sent to the Invisalign laboratories in the US for processing, using their unique 3-D imaging software.

A virtual treatment video will be generated in two to three weeks to show the entire sequence of your treatment. Your dentist will further consult with you and explain the detail involved, including how many sets of aligners are required, which indicates the length of your treatment.

  • We will then determine the total cost and method of progress payment required of you.
  • We will determine the need for tooth reshaping or resin tags to guide tooth movement.
  • Treatment requires your commitment to self-­regulate throughout the programme.
  • We will need your authorisation to proceed and order the full series of aligners.
  • Upon your authorisation, treatment can usually commence within four weeks.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

  • They can be removed for eating and cleaning
  • They are more comfortable as they are moulded around your teeth and gum
  • They are gentler as the force to move your teeth are applied little by little every two weeks
  • They are almost invisible; no one can see that you are wearing them

If you would like to book an exam for orthodontics in our dental clinic, we welcome your call.